How To Keep Couch Cushions In Place

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Buying a couch is a good investment. It will make the family feel comfortable and provide opportunities for them to bond. Most people invest in fixed cushions because of the latter becomes messy when they slip down. 

But the issue with this is the fixing aspect. It can be challenging to make fixed cushions firmer when they get old. Most people opt for loose cushions because of this. And if you are among them, knowing how to keep couch cushions in place will save you from embarrassment. 

See how you can achieve this below.

Use Velcro strips

Not all cushions slip, it depends on the one you have. A cushion that slips could be uncomfortable when you sit on them especially when the cushion moves out of position. Though they are built with top quality and stylish fabrics, their design is such that the cushions that are sat on move outward. 

An easy way to prevent your cushions from slipping is to use Velcro strip. But if your cushions also have it, there is no need to opt for one. 

Attaching cushions with Velcro to your couch will make it unable to slip or move out of position like it usually does.  At least, two Velcro would be enough for the job. They can prevent your cushions, no matter how large they are, from moving out of position. 

Unattached cushions look messy. It would create additional work for your apartment when trying to put them in their right position. Velcro is not difficult to attach. You can do it yourself or get someone to help you.

If you intend attaching it yourself, cut the Velcro strip to at least 10 to 15 cm for each of the cushions. And attach to your cushion’s vertical part which is lining up with your couch using a thread.

When dealing with cushions that are small in size, one strip can do the job well. But if your couch uses two wider cushions, for example, utilize two strips for each cushion. You can also place another set of strips to your sofa. But this time, place it on the rear side.

Remember not to attach the strips to underneath the cushions because it will make it difficult to reverse them without it not showing. If you are comfortable exposing the Velcro strips, this would not be a problem to you. 

You can order for Velcro strips online. But ensure that the one you are using is thick. Also, make use of stitches that are thick and strong to hold them in place. If done properly, your couch will be prevented from sliding down completely.

So, if you are looking for how to make couch cushions stay in place, this process will work for you. 

Use anti-slip rubber pads

If you do not like to use Velcro strips, there are other ways to prevent cushions from slipping that you can explore. One of the ways most homeowners manager to prevent cushions from slipping without using Velcro is the use of anti-slip rubber pads. They could prevent some of the movements of your cushions when you install them properly. 

How do anti-slip rubber pads look like?

These pads may not be up to the size of your cushions. So do not worry about them exposing. They have a disc-like shape and are easy to install underneath the cushions. These pads are also much easier to attach than when you are using Velcro strips. They are also not very expensive, so do not worry that you will break the bank by installing them on your couch. 

Can I remove them easily?

One of the benefits of using anti-slip pads is this. You can take them off easily whenever you wish. A time will come when you need to get new cushions or flip the ones you have on the couch you are using. Anti-slip pads do not give problems when you are ready to remove them.

You can choose anti-slip or non-slip pads as it is fondly called, with the adhesive laced rear side that makes attaching it to the fabric of the couch a breeze. Once attached properly, your cushions will remain intact no matter your sitting position.

What are other benefits of using an anti-slip pad?

One of the reasons I like this pad is that it prevents other items like rugs, covers, coasters and other fabrics from changing their position. You do not also need to make use of numerous pads. Just a few of them can do the job. 

How to fix couch cushions that are attached

Couch starts sagging as they get older. It is normal with every couch, including those that cost thousands of dollars. Instead of buying a new couch, the thought that crosses our mind is how to make it firmer and more comfortable.

This could be a problem for most people whose cushions are attached to the couch. If this is the case with you, then start learning how to fix attached couch cushions without breaking the bank.

Here is how to do it.

What you need to know about attached cushions with zipper and non-zipper

Before talking about how to fix attached cushions, here are two things you should know about: cushions with zippers and those without zippers. If your cushions have zippers, all you need do is to unzip and re-stuff. But, if your cushion is sewn closed without zippers, you can open the stitches and re-sew with matching string once you are done. 

Check out how to make couch cushions firmer below!

Use cotton batting

One of the ways to make your cushions firmer and comfortable is to stuff them with cotton batting. If they have zippers to open easily, all you need do is to unzip and add the desired amount of fluff that will give your cushion the effect you seek.

Add foam

Many homeowners will like to choose foam because it is easy and more effective. But remember that foam comes in different densities such as firm, medium as well as soft. To add foam to your cushions, unzip them and add the foam till you get the desired fluff or comfort you seek.

Seek professional help

Most vintage cushions need professional help to fix. Even though you are going to spend more to get them done, you will be happy with the finished result. You can claim you know how to fix attached couch cushions and do it yourself. But that should be for a less expensive piece of furniture, not the one that cost thousands of dollars.


You can make your old couch more comfortable instead of moving for a complete replacement. If it is old and saggy, you can still get it back to shape. Most cushions also move because they are not attached to the couch. They look messy and uncomfortable when those sitting on them leave the seat. 

This article is about how to fix your moving cushions, and also to make them firmer. Read on and apply the techniques described here to work on yours.

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