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Are you contemplating on how to buy furniture online? Then you have come to the right place. Shopping for a piece of furniture online is different from buying an electronic or other household items. There are factors you need to take into consideration in order to make the right choice. 

Buying furniture is quite daunting. You must be certain of the features you are looking for to avoid making a wrong choice. To make things simpler for people looking to replace their old furniture on a tight budget, here are tips to help you shop for furniture online.

Find a reputable retailer

Don’t be in a hurry when shopping online. Think of the retailer before consider doing business with them. Not all retailers are reputable or can be trusted. So to ensure that your money is safe, and what you ordered for was deliver, read about the retailer before initiating any online transaction. 

The information you submit online while making payment is also important. In the wrong hands, it can be used against you. So don’t forget to check to make sure you are dealing with the right person. 

Check the return policy

While looking for information on how to shop for furniture online and the best place to buy, don’t fail to check the return policy. If the company does not offer it, don't waste time buying from them. If there is no return policy in place, you cannot return the item after buying it. 

Most furniture companies have flexible return policies. Some of give customers enough time to rethink their option before returning the product. It could be within 30 days, 45 days or 60 days. 

Also, you have to review the shipping and re-stocking fees on the website of the company. If you are buying from an e-commerce store, you will find all the details you need on the website. You can also contact the seller directly. 

The best return policy is one that offers free shipping. Most of them also allow buyers to return the item to a close by store. 

Find the best deal

In as much as everyone wants to buy quality furniture, the price is also an important factor to consider. Furniture price varies from one brand to another. And it depends on factors such as the material, design, and style. You can also look for a company that offers free shipment to reduce the cost of transportation. 

Compare the prices of different brands to pick the one most suitable for your budget-size. If you already have your mind fixed on a $500 - $1000 price range, look for the best furniture at this price point. 

How to buy quality furniture

Shopping for a piece of furniture is daunting because they are too many options to choose from. We have discussed about the factors to consider when making a purchase online, but there are factors to watch out for when buying a piece of furniture whether offline or online.

Consider the material

The first thing to consider is the wooden frame. If you are looking at a piece of furniture that adults will be seating on, then the frame must be solid. Ask to know the material used in making the frame. Is it hardwood? You can take your search further by looking at the characteristics of the wood mentioned to you. 

The furniture should also look sturdy and well constructed. It might be difficult to tell by mere looking at it online, but you can by comparing other furniture you have come across to it. Then consider the legs. Go for one that has sturdy legs. Then, ensure it is not the type that slips on a wooden floor or that can leave a mark on it.

Still on the material, you need to consider whether to buy furniture made of fabric or leather. Both have their characteristics and features. Fabric comes in different types. But is more comfortable and tends to be more stain resistant than leather.  

A fabric sofa is ideal when you have pets or messy kids at home. But depending on the quality of the sofa, it can handle pet’s claws and kids jumping in and out of it. You will also find it much easier to remove stains from the fabric sofa. 

Leather sofas are more expensive than fabric. They are also easy to clean and give a touch of elegance to the modern home. Hypoallergenic suffers will also do well with leather materials compared to most fabric. In addition, they also come in more color options and pattern than fabric materials. 

The depth of the seat

Most people don't consider the seat depth when buying a sofa. They believe anyone would work fine, only to find out they are not comfortable sitting on the sofa. Seat depth can range from 21 inches to more than 24 inches. Taller individuals would be more comfortable with a seat depth of at most, 23 inches.

And if you like to cuddle your pet or lover while seating on the sofa, one that has a depth of 24 inches will be perfect. It will prevent one of you from falling off the couch while seating. Another thing you need to consider is the size of your room, not just personal preference. 

If your parlor is small in size, keep your seat depth between 21 inches or 22 inches.  But if the room is huge, then go for something deeper.

Cushions & comfort

Most furniture comes with hard cushions. Though not a deal breaker, they shouldn’t take much time to break in. Ensure they are quite comfortable to rest on. The cushions should feel comfortable when you sleep on them for extended periods. 

Another thing to consider is the ease of maintenance. The cushions should be such that you can easily take the cover off and wash. This will be highly needed when you are dealing with messy kids and of course pets. 

How to buy leather furniture

Leather furniture is more expensive than fabric. So when buying one, be sure that you will get good value for the money. Below are several factors you need to consider before buying leather furniture

Check if the leather is genuine

Because leather furniture is more expensive, don’t be surprised to find that most manufacturers would want to cut corners by creating furniture with fake ones.  Check the furniture back area. You will know if there are several stitches together or just one piece. 

Know that the hides on the average are between 3 by 6 inches. So if you discover that the sofa has just one piece of the leather material, then, know you are dealing with the fake one. 

Texture & smell

The smell or texture can help you determine if the leather is genuine or not. Faux leather usually has an unpleasant smell. It emits a chemical smell. Quality leather will have a rich and appealing smell. It will be warm and soft when you touch it.


These are features that will enable you to make the right choice when shopping for brand new furniture online. Also, remember your budget-size. And know that you don't need to break the bank to buy quality furniture for your home. There is a huge variety of furniture out there. But these tips will help you make the right choice.

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